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To help our members stay on top, ESLD, via our laser expert team, provide you with quick summaries of the most interesting articles, published in renowned journals or presented at international conferences in the field of laser and other energy based devices.

ESLD @ EADV 2018 summary

Content summary: Hair Reduction Vascular Lesions Tattoo removal Benign pigmented lesions Fractional Lasers Abative Lasers Challenges of laser assisted drug delivery in its clinical application PDL-resistant HALE successfully treated with long-pulsed Nd:YAG Treatment of...

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ESLD Session summary - French Laser Days 2018

Scar prevention with laser and EBDs when and how to do it? by Merete HAEDERSDAL, Copenhagen University A look into the future of laser medicine By Hans-Joachim LAUBACH, ESLD President Combining Lasers in Tattoo Removal By Leonardo MARINI, SkinDoctors Centre, Trieste-Italy Hypertrophic...

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ADEESSE & French Laser Group Sept. 2016

ESLD SESSION – KEY POINTS AND TAKE HOME MESSAGES Fractional Drug Delivery: Improving Outcomes by Merete HÆDERSDAL Level of evidence based on 16 preclinical and 18 clinical studies: Non Melanoma Skin Cancer (NMSC) IB; photodamage IB; scars IIA, topical anesthetics III, onychomycosis III ...

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