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To help our members stay on top, ESLD, via our laser expert team, provide you with quick summaries of the most interesting articles, published in renowned journals or presented at international conferences in the field of laser and other energy based devices.

EADV Vienna 2016

ESLD SUB-SPECIALTY SESSION Wednesday 28th September 2016 by Dr. Anne LE PILLOUER -PROST (French Laser Group) Prof. Samy FENNICHE (Tunisian Laser Group) Practical tips from the basics to the practice Applied laser physics - by Leonardo MARINI Optimizing laser parameters for vascular lesions...

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2016 ASLMS report / Boston, 2016, april

Picosecond Laser Tattoo particle size : 2 to 400 nm (4O nm on average) Nano or pico ? Both work well, picosecond pulse is ideal Is it necessary to have nano and pico–second lasers? At the beginning companies said - Sessions every 4 to 8 weeks - 75 % clearance after 5 sessions With...

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Acute and chronic radiodermatitis: a radio-oncologist view

Radiodermatitis is one of the most common side effects in radiation oncology. Indeed, radiotherapy is indicated in 50% of patients suffering from cancer, with nearly 90% of patients presenting erythema in post radiotherapy and over 30% presenting moist desquamation. This explains the importance of the...

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24th eadv congress in copenhagen, october 7, 2015

Part A.  Laser Therapy for Extra Facial PWS Cretu S., et al.(Salavastru C.) – Romania This is a retrospective analysis of 5 cases of difficult to treat PWS located in acral areas. They were treated with LP Nd:YAG laser for vascular nodules, PDL for the rest of lesions surface...

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