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ESLD or European Society for Laser Dermatology is dedicated to medical procedures performed with laser and other energy based devices. ESLD is providing an interactive communication platform for the medical community. Its active involvement in over 15 national and international conferences provides members and industry alike with a unique opportunity to interact, exchange, and promote laser and energy based device medicine.

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ESLD or European Society for Laser Dermatology dedicates itself to dermatological procedures performed with laser ...
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The European Society for Laser Dermatology brings you valuable information and news about Laser Dermatology.
Legislation, technologies, practices, events about laser dermatology In Europe. The European Society for Laser Dermatology is in the forefront to promote excellence.
Members will benefit a reliable source of best practises and guidelines. Share your experience and knowledge...
Pulsed-dye laser fluences evaluated
March 08, 2016

Pulsed-dye laser can reduce acne lesions by using high and low fluences, according to a prospective...

Esld new executive board
February 26, 2016

At the EADV in Copenhagen the ESLD carried out its Ordinary General Meeting. During the meeting the...

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Dark skin type and Lasers & Energy Based Devices
(27th April 2016 at 20:30 CEST)

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