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May 2021

17-21 May 2021 – from 7pm CET on Zoom platform

Advanced Virtual ESLD Teaching Course – LASER HAIR REMOVAL

Teaching courses are an exclusive way to offer in-depth teaching to all members.

The next Virtual Advanced ESLD Teaching Course will be organized from 17 to 21 May 2021 and will represent the opportunity to deepen the topic LASER HAIR REMOVAL.

The faculty consists of international experts in the field from both private practice and university centres. The course will cover the broad spectrum of topic, challenging and unusual clinical settings, indications, side effects and their management, rare indications, etc. The expert level will open to beginners in-depth discussion of different lasers and light sources.

A moderator will stimulate and lead the discussions after each presentation.

registration fee:

  • 50 euro students/residents
  • 190 euro regular
  • for members only

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October 2021

4 - 7 October


Programme and venue to be defined

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