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Acute and chronic radiodermatitis: a radio-oncologist view

Radiodermatitis is one of the most common side effects in radiation oncology. Indeed, radiotherapy is indicated in 50% of patients suffering from cancer, with nearly 90% of patients presenting erythema in post radiotherapy and over 30% presenting moist desquamation. This explains the importance of the...

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24th eadv congress in copenhagen, october 7, 2015

Part A.  Laser Therapy for Extra Facial PWS Cretu S., et al.(Salavastru C.) – Romania This is a retrospective analysis of 5 cases of difficult to treat PWS located in acral areas. They were treated with LP Nd:YAG laser for vascular nodules, PDL for the rest of lesions surface...

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2015 ASLMS report / Orlando, 2015, april

Fractional CO2 laser for the treatment of caesarean section scar: a randomized split scar study. K.E Karmischolt, E. Taudorf, P. Philipsen, M. Haedersdal 12 patients. Caesarean scar over 1 year. Randomized treatment half of the scar. CO2 AFL: high fluence, low density, 3 sessions...

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