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2016 ASLMS report / Boston, 2016, april
on 2016-10-15

Picosecond Laser

  • Tattoo particle size : 2 to 400 nm (4O nm on average)
  • Nano or pico ? Both work well, picosecond pulse is ideal
  • Is it necessary to have nano and pico–second lasers?
  • At the beginning companies said
    - Sessions every 4 to 8 weeks
    - 75 % clearance after 5 sessions
  • With time… : certain professional and large tattoos need more than 7 or 10 sessions…


  • Blue and green colors : with Picosure you can clear them in 3 sessions
  • 532 ps : works well for yellow color
  • No alopecia for cosmetic tatoos of the eyebrow
  • No scarring
  • 755 nm picosecond laser is useful for Asian pigmentary disorder without post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • For Cynosure and Candela devices : possibilities to adapt handpieces for photorejuvenation, vertical lip wrinkles, neck, melasma, circles, post acne scars …
  • Upgrading of devices


  • Price and price of maintenance (cf CHAN)
  • 3 wavelengths are necessary to clear all colors (cf CHAN)
  • Often they are compared with the Trivantage ns and not with other Q-switched ns lasers
  • Excessive pulse duration (750-250 ps) : 30 ps (ideal)
  • Not real advantages on pigmentary disease for Caucasians
  • Attention on excessive communication and publicity…
  • Is the patient faithful for tattoo removal?
  • Profitability ?

What can you do in front of a resistant tattoo without a picosecond laser ?

Try all the wavelengths you have in ns QS
Repeat treatments
R-20 technic and perfluorodecaline patches (585 $ for 15 patches)
Try the combination with ablative fractional lasers at the end of the session
Buy a picosecond laser...

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