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Photonics Products: Laser Safety Equipment - Laser safety is an industry unto itself
By John Wallace (
on 2017-02-06

A variety of laser-safety products includes personal gear, a vast array of other hardware, software, and audits and training.

The world of laser safety is a large one. While the first thing that many people buy as protection from hazardous laser light might be eyewear, laser safety encompasses many other types of equipment. This includes windows, barriers and curtains, enclosures, clothes, interlocks, shutters, signs, and other less tangible goods, such as hazard assessments, audits, laser-safety training, and information sources.

With this in mind, this short article will not attempt anything like a complete overview—instead, just a few examples of laser-safety equipment will be covered. For a true starting point, at the end of this article you will find a list of some laser-safety-related companies and the types of products they produce.
The all-important eyewear.

Because the eye is far more sensitive to damage by light in or near the visible spectral region than is any other part of the human body, proper eyewear is of prime importance to laser safety (see Fig. 1). For many low-power laser applications, laser-safety eyewear is all that is needed...

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