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ASLMS 2017 Conference
Keynote Speaker: Kim Phuc
on 2016-11-09

Kim Phuc is known as the "napalm girl" or "little girl in the picture," the subject of the famous Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of a nine-year old girl running down the road in Vietnam after being severely burned by napalm during a bombing of her village. She wasn't expected to survive, but she did eventually recover after 17 operations.

Kim's presentation, Life Lessons, will offer reflection about her journey from war to peace and forgiveness. She will discuss the bombing of Trang Bang, her struggle to survive, her quest for freedom, how she learned to forgive her enemies and use that photograph for Peace; her life as a wife and mother and a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Peace.

The keynote address will take place during the Plenary Session on Friday, April 7. Mrs. Phuc will also be participating in a special Q&A segment during the Celebration of Women in Energy-Based Devices event the evening of Thursday, April 6

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