European Society for Lasers and Energy Based Devices

Survey: Are you taking the best protection for laser-induced smoke?


Dear sir/madam, As a member of the ESLD, we kindly invite you to participate in a very brief survey concerning laser-induced smoke. Physicians are repeatedly exposed to surgical smoke during laser therapy and electro surgery. A growing body of evidence shows that surgical smoke contains hazardous...

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European Laser TrEAtment Dermatology (LEAD) registry


Lasers in dermatology Lasers are considered the treatment of choice for some cosmetic conditions and a limited number of skin disorders. However, hundreds of skin disorders have been reported to improve after laser therapy. This group of non-cosmetic skin disorders is highly varied, including skin...

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New Board and Executive Committee


The Ordinary General Meeting held in Paris last 12 th Sept. confirmed a second mandate for our President Hans-Joachim Laubach and Vice-President Ashraf Badawi, and elected brand new Board and Executive Committee. Check it out here . All is set for a bright future! Only the best for our Members!...

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Summer reading


Access the Member Area for some "Dermatological reading'' to keep you busy during the long and relaxing summer days! NOW available for members: - Summary of the ESLD session at the latest Journées Parisiennes du Laser of the French Society of Dermatology in the section " Conferences " -...

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